Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress

Stunning underwater photos post-wedding that are sure to be treasured memories!

Trash the dress

A memorable experience that will leave you with breathtaking photos to cherish forever!

Give New Life To Your Wedding Dress!

A trash the dress photo shoot is a creative and exciting way to commemorate your special day with an exhilarating twist to traditional wedding photos. Taking the shoot underwater adds an extra thrill and sense of adventure. An underwater photoshoot allows you to display your beauty and elegance in a surreal, dream-like setting, creating photos that truly stand apart from traditional wedding imagery. We will ensure a relaxed atmosphere to capture the most natural and graceful images.

Trash the Dress
Trash The Dress -Underwater Portraits by Angelina

Why Choose an Underwater Trash the Dress Photo Shoot?

After the vows have been exchanged and the celebrations have ended, what better way to mark the beginning of your marriage journey than with an adventurous photoshoot that symbolizes the depth of your commitment? Underwater photography captures the ethereal, flowing beauty of your wedding gown in a way that is impossible on land, turning your dress into a masterpiece of art and emotion.

What To Expect:

Your underwater “Trash the Dress” session will be an exhilarating experience from start to finish. Prior to the shoot, we’ll discuss your vision and any specific requests you have. On the day of the shoot, we’ll take the time to get you comfortable in the water, guiding you on how to pose and move to capture the best shots. Following the shoot, we’ll arrange a reveal session for you to select your cherished images and decide on your product choices. You’ll receive a collection of breathtaking images that celebrate your love and adventurous spirit in a way that’s as unique as your relationship.

Our Services:

  • A Unique Post-Wedding Celebration: Embrace the opportunity to wear your wedding dress one more time in a completely new and breathtaking setting.

  • Professional Underwater Photography: Angelina is an experienced photographer who specializes in underwater shoots, ensuring your photos are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Personalized Sessions: We work closely with you to capture the essence of your relationship, incorporating your ideas and preferences to make the shoot truly yours.

  • Safety and Comfort: Your safety is paramount. We provide all necessary guidance and support to ensure you feel comfortable and secure throughout your underwater adventure.

  • Expert Post-Production: Each image is meticulously edited to perfection, enhancing the natural beauty of your underwater experience.

  • Museum Grade Canvas & Acrylic Prints: Transform your photos into gallery-quality masterpieces. Our print lab ensures vibrant, durable results on premium materials, bringing elegance and archival excellence to your cherished memories.

Trash The Dress -Underwater Portraits by Angelina

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Underwater Trash The Dress

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