Creative Ideas for a Pregnancy Photography Shoot in Far North Queensland


Creative Ideas for a Pregnancy Photography Shoot in Far North Queensland

Why Should You Have A Maternity Photoshoot?

Pregnancy is a whirlwind journey, filled with unique struggles, joys, and unforgettable experiences for every woman. Regardless of whether your pregnancy is challenging or smooth, it is undeniably a magical time in your life. This is why you should consider a pregnancy photography shoot. Years from now, you will look back at your maternity photos and marvel at how far you’ve come. The beauty of pregnancy, the miracle of growing a life within you, deserves to be captured and cherished through photography.

If you live in Australia, you know the country’s natural beauty is unparalleled. Far North Queensland, in particular, holds a special place in my heart with its stunning landscapes, from rainforests to reefs, offering countless opportunities for a magical maternity shoot. For those who feel overwhelmed by the many options, this blog post is here to help. I’m excited to share creative and location-specific ideas to help you plan the perfect pregnancy photography shoot in this breathtaking region.

Why Choose Far North Queensland for a Pregnancy Photography Shoot?

Queensland boasts a beautiful and diverse landscape. Known as the “Sunshine State,” its subtropical climate makes it an inviting place to live and visit year-round. This means that regardless of the season, you can always have an outdoor maternity shoot in Queensland. Far North Queensland, in particular, offers an incredible variety of scenery. From pristine beaches and ancient rainforests to stunning waterfalls and the Great Barrier Reef, the options are endless. Living in Cairns, the nearest waterfall outside the CBD is just a 25-minute drive, making it easy to find tranquil locations for your pregnancy photography shoot. We are truly surrounded by breathtaking beaches, freshwater creeks, and waterfalls, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing this special time in your life.

Iconic Locations for a Pregnancy Photography Shoot


Palm Cove was voted the world’s best beach in 2024 by Condé Nast Traveler. Often described as the epitome of a tropical paradise, its powdery sand and palm trees make it an idyllic setting for a pregnancy photography shoot. The beach’s uncrowded stretches of white sand are perfect for capturing serene moments. For the best results, plan your shoot in the morning when the wind is calmer. Mornings at Palm Cove offer stunning sunrise scenes and fewer crowds, providing a peaceful and beautiful backdrop for your maternity photos.

Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas is another iconic location for a pregnancy photography shoot. Known for its spectacular sunrises, this beach offers breathtaking views as the sun lights up the ocean. A sunrise shoot here ensures the golden light enhances the natural beauty of your photos, making it an ideal time for capturing the magic of pregnancy.


The Daintree Rainforest, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, is a lush, green haven perfect for maternity photos. Its serene pathways and secluded spots offer intimate settings for capturing the beauty of your baby bump. The stunning freshwater creeks amidst the dense foliage provide a picturesque backdrop of trees and water, creating a tranquil environment for your shoot.

Mossman Gorge, nestled at the beginning of the Daintree Rainforest, is another accessible and stunning location. If you prefer not to venture deep into the Daintree, Mossman Gorge offers an easy-to-reach alternative without compromising on the enchanting rainforest scenery.


The areas surrounding Cairns boast over 20 waterfalls, each offering unique and beautiful settings for a pregnancy photography shoot. While some require a bit of hiking, others are easily accessible. It’s important to exercise caution during the wet season, as waterfalls can become dangerous after heavy rains. Always heed warning signs regarding swimming conditions. Below are a few notable waterfalls. You can view a longer list of different waterfalls here.

Stoney Creek is my favorite spot to go for a swim that is close to Cairns. You can find multiple private swimming holes along the track that runs parallel to the creek. Or you can swim at the bottom of the creek, a short distance away from the carpark.

Crystal Cascades is a secluded freshwater swimming hole, although it has gotten quite popular now. A series of small waterfalls flow into large pools surrounded by large impressive granite boulders under the rainforest trees.

Josephine Falls is a natural beauty with cascading waters. It is often referred to as “nature’s playground” with a natural rockslide. Nearby Babinda Boulders offers additional scenic views and a large swimming hole.

Millaa Millaa Falls is located on the Waterfalls Circuit, along with Zillie and Ellinjaa Falls. However, this won’t be a private location as many tour buses and tourists come through here every day.

Underwater Locations

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most famous coral reef, offering vibrant corals and beautiful marine life for a stunning underwater maternity photoshoot. Accessing the reef requires a boat, which incurs additional costs, but the magical photos you’ll get are well worth it. Note that this option is best from June to October due to stinger season from November to May, when it’s unsafe for pregnant women to swim without a stinger suit. You can read more about the stinger season here.

Pools provide a safe and controlled environment for underwater pregnancy photoshoots. The privacy and warmth of a pool allow for a relaxed session, enabling you to get comfortable and achieve the best shots. Additionally, creative lighting techniques are more feasible in a pool compared to the open ocean, resulting in unique and artistic photos.

Underwater Maternity Photoshoots

For a truly unique and captivating experience, consider an underwater pregnancy photography shoot. Underwater photography adds an ethereal and dreamlike quality to pregnancy photos, emphasizing the graceful and serene aspects of your pregnancy. The weightlessness of water allows for stunning, fluid poses that highlight the beauty of expectant mothers in a way that cannot be achieved on land. These sessions are not just photoshoots; they are an experience—a moment of peace for moms-to-be as they connect with their unborn child in a tranquil underwater world.

To prepare for an underwater pregnancy photoshoot you should be comfortable in water. That means you should be able to fully submerse yourself underwater for a few seconds. If you can do that, then everything else is teachable from your photographer. Your photographer will coach you on breathing techniques and posing. It’s important that you feel completely relaxed, once you embrace the underwater environment and clear your mind, that’s when the magic starts to happen.

Your photographer will teach you different poses that look good underwater, but it’s by no means a strict pose that you have to keep. In fact I like to show my clients a pose that looks good, but then for them to follow their body movements. You can start in one pose and then slowly move your body in a way that feels right for you. The key to stunning underwater photos is relaxation.

When it comes to wardrobe, flowy fabrics like chiffon and organza are ideal for underwater photoshoots as they move beautifully with the water. You might choose a dress with a front slit to show off your belly or a tight dress with a long train to highlight your pregnant silhouette. Ultimately, choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Avoid heavy fabrics that retain water, as they can be cumbersome and potentially dangerous. Some women opt to pose nude with a piece of fabric, creating a simple yet elegant look. Be sure to discuss your vision with your photographer to ensure your underwater maternity photoshoot is everything you dream of.

Questions & Tips for a Successful Pregnancy Photography Shoot

When should you have your maternity shoot?

I recommend scheduling your maternity shoot between 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, your belly is beautifully pronounced, and your baby typically hasn’t dropped too low, giving your belly a higher appearance. Earlier is often better, as the later stages of pregnancy can bring increased discomfort, which might make it challenging to get through a photoshoot, especially an underwater one. Additionally, keep in mind that babies sometimes decide to make an early arrival, so planning ahead is wise.

When is the best time of day for a maternity shoot?

You can never go wrong with golden hour. The last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise provide stunning warm and soft light that will highlight your baby bump gorgeously. You can also try silhouette images to highlight the shape of your body. If you are doing an underwater photoshoot the time of day doesn’t matter too much.

Choose a professional photographer.

Hiring a professional photographer is crucial. Choose someone whose work you love and who has experience with pregnancy photography shoots. A professional will ensure you are happy, comfortable, and confident throughout the process. They will also know the best local spots for your shoot and how to make the most of them. Feeling safe and well taken care of during your photoshoot is essential.

Personalize your photo shoot.

Personalizing your maternity photoshoot can make the images even more meaningful. For instance, consider incorporating items of cultural significance. Additionally, involving your partner and other children can add a special touch. Adding props to create a theme you love can enhance the overall experience. Ultimately, this photoshoot is all about you and what you want, so feel free to infuse it with personal touches that reflect your journey and personality.

What to wear?

I suggest bringing 2 – 3 outfits to your maternity photo shoot. This will add some variety to your final gallery and allow for different styles. In Far North Queensland, the warm weather year-round makes dresses, robes, and skirts ideal choices. As for the type of clothing, it really depends on personal taste. I love flowy outfits for maternity shoots, but if you want to wear a tight outfit then by all means go for it. Try to avoid darker colors as they hide your bump. A dress or top that is tight up top and loose above the belly works great to highlight your pregnancy. Adding props like flower crowns can also personalize your photos.

For an underwater photoshoot, bright, bold colors look amazing. Outfits with long, flowing fabric give underwater photos an ethereal and beautiful aspect. Look for an outfit with a train or other elements that will move gracefully in the water.


I hope this post has inspired you with creative maternity photo shoot ideas. I highly recommend visiting Far North Queensland for your pregnancy photos. The scenery is stunning, and you can enjoy a babymoon while you’re here. If you’re intrigued by the idea of an underwater maternity photo shoot, check out my business, Underwater Portraits by Angelina. I specialize in underwater portraits, including pregnancy photo shoots, and would love to capture your pregnancy in a completely unique way. If you have any other creative ideas or personal experiences from your own maternity photo shoot, please share and comment below!

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